Osmo Pocket

USD 319.00

As the cameras in our mobile devices get better and better the more people are using their phone to film, document tell their stories – otherwise known as vlogging.  Although the camera has improved, stability and shakiness did not. With my latest toy, I have the best of both worlds.



  • Size: It’s like having one of James Bond’s toys. As the name suggests the camera fits in your pocket.
  • For those who are starting to vlog for the first time and might be shy as this is your answer.e around you stare at you as you talk to a camera – The Osmo Pocket is your answer. Whenever I use it no-one knows that I’m filming or filming myself. In fact, they think I’m vaping 😉
  • Steady footage
  • A small screen on the device to see your shots
  • You can attach your mobile device for a bigger screen and better access to features
  • Slo-motion, object and face tracking, timelapse, motion lapse, hyper-lapse and panoramic shots
  • Vertical and Horizontal filming
  • 4K Video
  • Price: For what you are getting the price is great.
  • Variety of attachments (including one for a lapel microphone, one for underwater etc)


  • Cannot zoom in
  • The screen on the device is handy but too small to detect if your low-light shots are in focus 
  • Price: For what you are getting the price is great but it’s definitely not on everyone’s budget.

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