As You Stay

The Challenge

When you have a product, in this case, an app that is so unique you’ll need tons of publicity to get that app in front of the people who will love it! 

The Solution

If you’re a travel app developer then you partner with a travel blogger. On a recent trip out to NYC, I partnered with As You Stay to run a campaign which includes a Sponsered Post featured in our Travel Apps & Gear section which includes an embedded YouTube video tutorial and a discount code. The Sponsored Post is also shared amongst our large FaceBook Travel Groups and our Social Media Network.

Have you ever had your flight cancelled at the last minute? You were scheduled to fly out at 10:00 pm, you arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to taking off like the good traveller you are, only to find out your flight has been cancelled and/or changed to 10:00 am. Or worst case scenario you were already on the plane and a flight attendant asked you to give up your seat for her colleagues. (Hopefully, you compiled and weren’t dragged off the airline). So what do you do for accommodation? 

Chris the video is just awesome. Your videos are just amazing. Well done. Thanks again for your great work. Love it

Ofer Helfman

CEO, As You Stay

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