The Challenge

With so many apps in the app stores from various mobile device makers, how does an app developer keep their product in the eyes of their potential target market?

The Solution

If you’re a travel app developer then you partner with a travel blogger.
I partnered with GPSmyCity to run a campaign which includes a Sponsered Post featured in my Travel Apps & Gear section -which also includes an embedded YouTube video tutorial and a free download Giveaway. The Sponsored Post is also shared amongst our large FaceBook Travel Groups and our Social Media Network.

Please tell me you’re not one of the many people I see standing on the corner holding a big map; looking up, looking down, looking left, looking down, looking right, looking down…again etc. Oh and I sincerely hope your not the one who has been sitting at a coffee shop, a block away from your accommodations with a 500-page travel guidebook filled with sticky tabs and dog ears. Trying to find what you said you wanted to visit when you arrive at your destination…
Btw, thanks a bunch (!) for that GPSmyCity video tutorial you’ve created!!! – Smooth delivery!! – Truly appreciated
Saul Tarasoff

Affiliate and Marketing Manager, GPSmyCity

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