The Challenge

The job of a good promoter is to promote and there is no better medium than a well placed video ad. With YouTube viewership on a rise its almost like a hurt to any business to not have any video presence. Hot Stepper Productions understand this but the challenge finding the right people to execute the brands vision.

The Solution

Work closely Hot Stepper Productions to create a video that captures the great food, great music, great drinks and great friends and the over all great vibe.


Hot Stepper Sundays Video Ad (2015)
  • The Hot Stepper Sundays party is such a great vibe that every one from patrons to staff are in such a great mood which makes for a lot of fun filming. The sooner we can get our work done the sooner we can start getting down to the great music!

“this was well done … nice shots .. clean edits” 

Carlos & Pedro

Club Promoters, Hot Stepper Productions

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