The Challenge

With so many apps in the app stores from various mobile device makers, how does an app developer keep their product in the eyes of their potential target market?

The Solution

If you’re a travel app developer then you partner with a travel blogger.
I partnered with Sygic Travel and fellow travel blogger The Thought Card to run a campaign which includes a Sponsered Post featured in my Travel Apps & Gear section which includes an embedded YouTube video tutorial and a Premium Account Giveaway. The Sponsored Post is also shared amongst our large FaceBook Travel Groups and our Social Media Network.

The most difficult thing about exploring a city on a stopover or mini-break is that constant battle between what you can control (sites, restaurants, accommodations) and what you can’t control (time). You have a list of things that you know you want to see, do and try but time… time is just not your friend. So naturally, when you start feeling that you won’t have enough of it then you immediately opt to forget the stopover and pay more for a direct flight.

“Thanks a lot for such a great article. Please get in touch with me when you need us to award the Premium accounts.”

Barbora Nevosadova

Co-founder, Sygic Travel

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