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This entire travel blog has been born out of and based on our travel videos. In fact, I spent several years developing my videography craft and vlogging on YouTube before starting The Golden Compass (which you now know as Rudderless).

Christopher Rudder


Short Trips, Mini-Breaks & Weekend Travel

To be Rudderless stumble upon a city. Aimlessly wander off the beaten path to find hidden gems, rich culture, customs, food, festivals, religion, music, and stories told by the locals. The be Rudderless Series still explores the obvious architecture and top tourist points of interest, however, the goal of Rudderless is to saturate ALL 5 senses…in about 48 hours using the latest apps!

Wait, What?

Finding comfort in discomfort

We are a take-no-prisoners mom-life and outdoors expert Kathryn (KathrynAnywhere), food and short trip travel genius Christopher (Rudderless Travel) and adventure family travel guru Kevin (Wandering Wagars), a powerhouse video production and content creation team. Wait, What? Is all about driving people to break free of their comfort zones, to get out and experience something new. The Wait, What? team pushes each other into new, and exciting adventures each episode, and they want your brand to be a part of that action. Is your business experience-focused? Are you looking to introduce your brand to a new or wider audience? Would you like to show how much fun your product is for those experiencing it for the first time? The Wait, What? team is exactly what you need.

In My Own Backyard

Internationally Known. Locally Grown

Rudderless In Toronto – Whether you call it The 6, TO, T-Dot or Hogtown, Toronto is a world-class city, sitting pretty on the world stage. But for me, all roads lead to and from Toronto. I was born here, raised here and it’s where I call home. #whatsinyourbackyard

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